Man arrested after wild multi-state police chase

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LEAWOOD, Ks. — It is a view unlike any other as a dangerous chase tears through Kansas City.

KCTV5 News takes you through the driver’s journey as dozens of officers scramble to stop him.

Speeds topped 100 miles per hour as a truck, police believe was stolen, drove through not just highways, neighborhoods, a golf course and a grocery store parking lot.

It all started in Midtown Kansas City, but things really picked up when it moved into Johnson County. The truck drove the wrong way on South Mission Road onto the golf course at the Leawood Country Club and through backyards off 123rd Street.

He sped in the wrong lanes both on Missouri Highway 150 and Interstate 49 before finally stopping in south Kansas City. Incredibly, no one was hurt.

You could either call it being in the right place – or wrong place – at the right time, but it just so happened KCTV5 photojournalist Bill Lindsay and reporter Amy Anderson were doing a ride along with Leawood police for a story you’ll see Wednesday on KCTV5.

It was then when the officer they were riding with quickly realized he was the closest officer in the community’s time of need.

Officer Robert Mahon picked Lindsay and Anderson up to go do some good deeds, but he didn’t know he would find himself in the middle of a dangerous pursuit with passengers in his patrol car.

The man police had been chasing out of Kansas City had crossed into Kansas and was reportedly doing 100 mph down Lee Boulevard and then onto Mission Road.

After a quick attempt, Mahon backed off.

“This is not worth chasing guys, not for a stolen car. We’ll catch him another day,” Mahon told our crew.

But instead of stopping and taking the break he had been given, or even slowing down, the man in the stolen white truck continued on into residential areas of Leawood, threatening the safety of so many families and innocent people.

KCTV5 was a step behind him as he drove through backyards and onto the golf course of Leawood South.

“That’ll put him out at 133rd and Canterbury if someone can get there,” Mahon said.

At one point, the suspect pulled into a dead end, and Mahon…tried to catch him.

“Alright guys, he’s going to get out at Gezer Park, we’re going to be on foot,” Mahon said.

But again, the suspect kept going, even driving at excessive speeds right toward an elementary school that was just dismissing.

He continued on through the Price Chopper parking lot and back out onto 135th Street where things would eventually get even more dangerous.

Leawood police ended their part of the chase once he went back into Kansas City, but Mahon kept in touch with his location in case the suspect came back into Kansas.

At one point, the suspect abandoned his initial vehicle and carjacked a white Ford pick-up truck and continued to flee.

Multiple officers had their guns drawn as the 29-year-old Kansas City man finally walked out of the stolen truck with his hands above his head at 105th Terrace and College in Kansas City.

There were no injuries as a result of the pursuit and the initial truck he was driving was later learned to be a stolen vehicle from Kansas.

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