Man arrested after taunting police while riding a manatee


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ISLAMARODA, Fl. — A man in Florida is behind bars after he taunted police to take him to jail while riding a manatee.

James Massengale Jr was reportedly spotted touching two adult manatees and two calves who were swimming in a creek at Library Beach.

The witness told the man touching a manatee is illegal, to which Massengale responded, “I’m riding it!”

When a Florida Wildlife Commission officer arrived on the scene, he saw the man “reaching for, touching and lying over top of manatees in the creek,” reported WLBT.

Massengale admitted to knowing what he was doing was illegal, but said he was waiting for someone with a badge to show up.

He promised he wouldn’t show up for court when issued a citation.

He then began chanting, “Take me to jail! Take me to jail!”

Massengale was charged with failing to cooperate with officers.

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