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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South man was arrested and charged after a shooting Monday in the parking lot of a Kroger gas station.

Willie Murry, 18, was taken into custody after he showed up at Methodist University Hospital with a gunshot wound to the foot. Police said he admitted to being involved in a shooting at the Kroger fuel center located at 6660 Poplar Avenue.

According to the victim, he was pumping gas when he noticed someone had stolen the key fob to his Mercedes SUV.

He started to go inside the fuel center to see if he could look at the surveillance video, but turned back, noticing that someone had jumped into his vehicle. The victim startled the suspect in the driver’s seat and he jumped out of the vehicle through the passenger side door.

About that time, the victim said he noticed a black vehicle about 15 feet away. The victim said the driver pointed a gun at him. Both men exchanged gunfire and it’s unclear who fired first.

Murry and a 16-year-old boy were shot during the exchange. The teen did not survive his injures, police said.

Memphis Police identified the 16-year-old boy as Cameron Pryor.

At this time, it’s unclear what happened to the other suspect who allegedly tried to steal the vehicle. The black vehicle that they were driving had been stolen.

Police said the vehicle owner who opened fire wasn’t hurt. It’s currently unclear if he’ll face any charges. WREG has learned he’s being represented by prominent Memphis attorney Leslie Ballin.

Ballin spoke on his clients behalf today and said his client was simply defending himself.

“My client is glad to be alive today,” Ballin said. “My client was a victim. How was he a victim and there end up being a death. Well, the obvious conclusion is he was defending himself.”

Murry was charged with attempted second-degree murder, employment of a firearm, attempted theft, theft of property, carjacking.