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(Memphis) Craigslist sells just about anything, including cars, but police say the vehicles Gajrell May listed a few weeks ago were no bargain.

Two buyers were taken for thousands of dollars.

Kayla Moore of Pontotoc, Miss., answered the ad for a 2013 Toyota Camry.

She says she met May at a Frayser home and paid him $11,000.

She got the Camry, but when she went to register the car, she got a shock.

The car was actually a rental car owned by Hertz that was overdue for return.

Her money was gone, and she didn’t have a car.

“You putting yourself at stake trying to deal with somebody on Craigslist anyway. You never know what you are getting, fooling with Craigslist,” says Anthony Folson of Raleigh.

It’s advice not everyone heeds.

Mustafa Alami says he answered May’s ad for an Infinity G37 and says he took $13,000 to the Walmart Parking Lot on Austin Peay.

He says he gave May the money and got the car, plus the title for the 2009 Infinity along with a bill of sale, but police say the documents were  fake.

When Alami went to register the car, he found out it was a stolen vehicle.

Both Kayla Moore and Mustafa Alami went to police.

They were able to identify May in a line up and he was arrested.

Consumers are warned to take precaution when car shopping online.

Ask specific questions about the vehicle and expect specific answers. Personally inspect the vehicle and all documents associated with it. Also ask the seller for the VIN # so you can do an online check before buying.

“As far as a car, I wouldn’t buy a car off Craigslist. You don’t know what you are getting, pretty much taking a person at their word,” says Charrence Sullivan of Raleigh.

Sometimes their word might not be worth it.

WREG contacted Craigslist about this case, but the company has not responded.

Gajrell May will be in court for theft and forgery later this month.