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 MEMPHIS, Tenn.– It’s no dice for a Memphis man, he was locked up after police say they caught him with drugs.

Officers said Patrick Mathews is facing multiple charges after he led them on a chase and then broke into a house to hide.

Police said it all started with a game of dice.

Officers were patrolling Clayton Avenue in North Memphis on April 7 when they spotted Patrick Mathews in front of an abandoned home.

They said he was gambling.

When the officers tried to talk to Mathews, he and another man took off running.

Officers said they chased the suspects down Clayton.

On the way they watched as they ditched a bag of cocaine then kept running.

He ran into a home on Britton Street.

The woman who lives in the home was too shaken up to speak to WREG about the incident.

However according to police, Mathews went inside the home and was found hiding in the attic.

“You have to be on the lookout, keep your doors locked,” said Martyna Clemons  who lives in the neighborhood.

She said the abandoned homes in the area bring trouble.

“They need to tear them down cause they setting them on fire and stuff, stripping them,” she explained.

A worker at a church on the street said he watched the whole chase play out.

“Two police on the back street caught the man,” he said.

He said now it’s time for the community to work together to prevent things like this from happening.

“Step it up a notch, maybe some of the pastors need to step it up and get out and see what they can do,” he said.

Police said they also found nearly $150.00 on Mathews which they believe is linked to illegal drug sales.

Mathews is expected to be in court Thursday.