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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A sobering admission came from a bank robber before he hit a bank.

Police say Rodercus Freeman held up The Southern Security Federal Credit Union off Winchester and The Independent Bank on Poplar.

During both robberies, police say, Freeman was carrying what looked like a black handgun wrapped in electrical tape and was wearing white and black tennis shoes.

They say he told tellers he was an alcoholic and appeared to be drunk.

“I mean, people come up with all types of schemes,” says a man who stopped at the ATM at The Southern Security Credit Union on Monday.

He says he doesn’t by the man’s story.

“That’s all they do. They sit at home thinking about how they can rob people when there are a lot of people at work making an honest living,”

After police put out surveillance video, a Crime Stoppers tip led them to Freeman.

While officers were doing surveillance at his home, Freeman tried to rob The Southern Security Credit Union again.

Investigators found vehicles that were allegedly used in the robberies, a pair of black and white Nike shoes and a makeshift magazine wrapped with electrical tape.

“People don’t need to be robbing banks. People work hard for their money,” said a customer who is relived the suspect was caught.

Police say Freeman got away with nearly $12,000.

They haven’t said if they recovered any of the stolen money.

Freeman is facing charges of robbery and attempted robbery. His makes his first appearance in court on Tuesday.