Man accused of torturing his girlfriend released from jail

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis man is back on the streets after being accused of torturing a woman in June 2013. Trial was supposed to start Monday, but prosecutors offered up a late plea deal. It turns out the victim's story and the evidence didn't add up.

Sheena Robinson told WREG back in 2013, "He told me he was going to set me on fire."

Robinson shared her story days after she says her boyfriend nearly beat her to death. She even showed us the burn marks on her shoulder she said were caused by lighter fluid seeping through her skin.

But her former boyfriend, Antonio Davis, was released after he plead guilty to aggravated assault charges.

His lawyer, Leslie Ballin, said, "The truth lied somewhere in between what she said and what he said."

Originally Davis was facing attempted first-degree murder and kidnapping charges. But the defense had copies of text and Facebook messages Robinson sent Davis that left some real questions in the case.

"Words to the effect: 'I got you.' They always believe the women in these cases," Ballin said.

He also suggested the torture she described experiencing and her hospital records didn't match up.

Robinson told us, "He beat me with his fists and stomped on me."

She claimed he beat her with a cable box, whipped her with the cord, locked her in a closet for hours and doused her with an accelerant and threatened to set her on fire.

Ballin isn't denying something happened.

"Was there an event? I personally think so, was it what she described? I'm convinced it wasn't," he said.

Davis has been arrested before for on domestic violence charges. He's out on a three-year suspended sentence but has been ordered to stay away from the victim. He doesn't plan on pressing charges against Robinson.

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