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FORREST CITY, Ark. — The Cordova man accused of threatening to kill a Shelby County clerk last month is once again behind bars after allegedly traveling to Arkansas to have sex with someone he thought was a teenage girl.

According to authorities in Forrest City, Scott Kaufman used his Facebook account to communicate with an individual he believed to be 14 years of age. He told the person she could make a ton of money as a prostitute and agreed to meet her for sex at the local Walmart.

He was taken into custody on Saturday evening and charged with promoting prostitution and internet stalking of a child.

Kaufman’s arrest comes just weeks after he was arrested in Shelby County for threatening a clerk.  According to local police, the 58-year-old demanded to be transferred to Amy Weirich but when the woman told him no, he allegedly became upset and told her he had ties to the Mafia. He then said if she didn’t let him speak with Weirich immediately he would kill her, police said.

The clerk took down the number and notified authorities.

Kaufman was charged with retaliation against a juror or witness. He was scheduled to appear in court in that case on November 17, 2018.

Police said Kaufman has threatened several other people in a similar manner.

In September, police  charged him with six counts of false reporting for lying to 911 operators. He’s been in and out of court since.

Kaufman now sits behind bars in St Francis County. He’s scheduled to appear in court on Monday.