Man accused of threatening an animal control officer


Brandon Nelson is accused of pointing a gun at Shelby County Animal Control Officer.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is accused of allegedly pointing a gun at a Shelby County Animal Control Officer on Tuesday.

Arrest records say the officer was responding to a call of a loose dog on Powell Avenue near Hudson Street in Binghampton.

The animal control officer saw four loose dogs and pulled up to a residence and asked Brandon Nelson to put the dogs up, thinking he owned them.

Nelson refused and began to swear at the officer. The officer asked Nelson to put the dogs up, again.

Nelson allegedly said he had something for the officer and went back into the house. He later came back outside with a black handgun, pointed it at the officer and began walking towards him.

The animal control officer left, called police who later detained Nelson and gave officers a description of the gun.

Police got a search warrant to look inside the home where they found a black handgun, matching the description the animal control officer gave them. According to police, it was loaded.

Nelson later told police he bought the handgun inside the home but says he never pointed the weapon at the animal control officer. He says he was holding a stick during the incident.

Nelson is facing aggravated assault charges and will face a Memphis judge on Wednesday.


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