Man accused of taking inappropriate photos of woman in Poplar Plaza Kroger

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was arrested over the weekend after police say he was caught taking inappropriate photos of a woman inside the Kroger at Poplar and Highland.

The suspect was identified as Edwin Lopez. He was charged with photographing persons without their consent.

The victim said she alerted a Kroger employee who then told security. When police arrived they were allowed to look at the suspect’s phone, and found several photos of undergarments on the phone.

“You know I could’ve had my five grandgirls with me because they go to church with me, they just didn’t go to church last Sunday,” witness Sharon Woods said.

Woods said she, with her mother and 27-year-old son, were going about their business in the Kroger meat department when her son came to her and said another man was looking up a woman’s dress.

“He had his phone in one of those carts that you tote,” Woods said. “She was looking at the cheese. He laid the cart down with the phone in the cart so, as she was bending over not paying attention, he was pushing the cart where he could see under the dress, because the phone was laying flat.”

She confronted Lopez, and then told the victim. The victim in turn told Kroger security, who held Lopez until police arrived.

WREG went to the East Memphis home listed as Lopez’s address, because records show he was released on bond. As soon as someone opened the door, they said they didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Woods says knowing he’s out on bond scares her, for the sake of her grandchildren and anyone else.

“It was messed up. Sickening,” she said. “You shouldn’t be judged on what you wear but you just got to be careful, because lots of pedophiles out here, sick people.”

The victim said she’s shaken up and did not want to do an interview, but she is taking the charges very seriously. She says Kroger management did a great job handling this case and she wanted to thank them.

A Kroger spokesperson released the following statement on the incident:

“The safety of our customers and associates is our top priority. We are grateful for our security team, management and customers who played a role in capturing the suspect.”

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