MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is facing charges of forgery and ID theft after police say he stole a woman’s check, altered it, and deposited it in the bank.

The son of the elderly victim said his mother received a notification that someone had deposited $4,600 against her Region’s Bank account.

Investigators were able to identify Lonnie Doggett Jr, 22, as the person who deposited the check into another Region’s account at an ATM on South Mendenhall.

The account holder told police Doggett asked him if he wanted to make some money and told him to set up a Regions checking account and give him the account information.

After the man showed police the text message Doggett sent him, they were able to trace the phone number back to Doggett.

Officers also found the car caught on camera at the Region’s ATM outside Doggett’s Cordova apartment and said the man who was asked to set up the Region’s account picked Doggett out of a photo lineup.

The victim’s son said his mother typically pays bills by mailing checks and believes that’s how the check was stolen and altered.

Along with forgery and ID theft, Doggett is also charged with theft of property. He is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.