Man accused of smashing car windshields with rocks in Midtown

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis neighborhood was facing a frustrating and destructive problem when a man started breaking into cars by smashing the windows.

It happened multiple times in recent days in the Central Gardens neighborhood near South Bellevue and Peabody. Thanks to help from victims, police captured a suspect, but they have not charged him with anything yet.

Footage from a home surveillance system shows the man walking up to a white SUV and smashing the windshield by hurling a large rock at it.

People in the Central Gardens neighborhood believe the same man has done similar things to other vehicles in the area, breaking windows so he can steal things inside the vehicles.

The incident on camera happened last week around 1 p.m. after Elizabeth Domas pulled up to her house on Carr Avenue and unloaded groceries.

“Walked up to my front door, and out of the left of my eye saw a guy standing on the corner just kind of watching me,” she said.

Nervous, Domas quickly went inside, and when she came back out a few minutes later, she saw her vehicle had been damaged.

An image from a home surveillance system shows a man who neighbors say has been smashing car windows in Central Gardens.

“Look on my camera and noticed it was the same guy who stood across the street and watched me,” Domas said.

As the video shows, he doesn’t break any other windows and walks away without taking anything. But he certainly left his mark on the car.

“You know it makes you feel like your space has been invaded,” Domas said. “I mean that was a crime. Just a brand new car. I made one car payment on it, and then this happens.”

Domas posted pictures of the man online and got a lot of responses from other victims, who did have things taken out of their cars.

She also heard from neighbors who’d seen him in the area wearing that same white rag seen on his head in her video.

“He dressed similarly,” Domas said.

Domas’s neighbor, Cathy, said she spotted him this morning as she was pulling out of her driveway.

“So I thought, alright, here we go,” Cathy said.

She said she called Domas, and together, the two of them tailed the man down Lamar toward McLean before calling 911 .

Officers ended up finding the man at a home on Vesey and took him into custody.

“It’s a good, nice break. It is,” Domas said.

Domas said she picked the man out of a lineup this afternoon.

Her neighbor Cathy was glad she could help.

“So, we’re happy,” she said. “Happy ending.”

Again, police haven’t charged the man, but they have been questioning him. If charges are filed, WREG will keep you updated.

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