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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man accused of abusing several teens at a Collierville church is no longer employed by the City of Memphis.

Three men have accused Christopher Carwile of sexually assaulting them in the 90s while he was working at Immanuel Baptist Church.

Until the allegations became public, Carwile was employed by the city at a library.

According to a statement from the City of Memphis,  the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office is not prosecuting Carwile because the state of limitations has expired.

Kenny Stubblefield was only 16 years old when it happened, but he still remembers every detail of the night he said he was sexually assaulted by someone at his church.

“I’m just like eyes wide open,” said Stubblefied. “By the next morning when the sun came up, I had to convince myself that it was my fault. I had to convince I’d done something to deserve it and I needed to stay quiet.”

Less than a year later, he said he found out he wasn’t alone.

“I was a different kid,” he said. “I had retreated into myself.”

Two of his best friends said they had similar experiences with the same worker from what used to be Immanuel Baptist Church in the ’90s. They went to their head pastor who they say, told them to keep quiet.

“The way he handled the situation was more painful than even the abuse, the physical abuse,” Stubblefield said.

Carwile was fired, but the victims told WREG nothing else was ever done. They later found out their abuser worked for the City of Memphis at the library. Stubblefield filed a report two weeks ago.

“We want him stopped,” said Stubblefield. “We believe there are a lot more victims out there in Memphis right now that were abused by Chris and we want them to come forward and tell their story.”

The church Carwile was connected with has since gone into a lease agreement with Highpoint Church. They released a statement saying they’ve redefined their relationship with the church after hearing the allegations and noted how Highpoint Church didn’t exist at the time of them.

We tried to reach the pastor who the victims said they reported the abuse to but have not heard back.

The support group “SNAP” is calling for the pastor’s resignation.

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