Man accused of groping mail carrier, jumping on vehicle

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly groping a mail carrier who was just trying to do her job.

The victim told police she was on her route Saturday when Carnell Holly made comments of a sexual nature to her. He then groped her chest and backside.

Several minutes later, refusing to leave her alone, he allegedly jumped on the vehicle. She frantically began honking her horn and yelling at the man. When he continued to hang on, she grabbed her camera and took a picture of him.

He eventually let go and ran into a nearby parking lot, she told police.

This wasn’t the first time the suspect has approached the victim, officer said. Holly allegedly has followed her multiple times in the past trying to touch her, and has routinely yelled obscenities and impeded her path.

“She’s just trying to do her job,” a neighbor said.

Holly is known to the area. People we talked to say he’s usually a nice guy.

Special agents with the Postal Inspector’s Office picked up Holly Wednesday after they saw him near the intersection of Jackson and Decatur.

He was brought downtown to the Sex Crimes Bureau and denied the allegations.

Holly’s bond is set at $20,000, and he’s charged with sexual battery.

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