Man accused of dousing girlfriend in lighter fluid, threatening to set house on fire

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A Memphis man is accused of threatening to burn down his Frayser home Tuesday night after dousing his girlfriend in lighter fluid.

According to police, the victim claimed she caught 39-year-old Lee Christion cheating with another woman and threatened to leave him.

That’s when he allegedly grabbed a bottle of lighter fluid and poured it on her and the bed she was laying on.

He then threatened to burn down the house on Aden Street because he “had nothing to live for.”

“I mean, there is no reason to retaliate in such a way,” neighbor Shelia Williams said.

The couple’s baby was in the house at the time, according to police.

Investigators said Christion admitted to making the arson threat, but he claimed he never planned to follow through with it.

He’s still charged with aggravated arson, as well as aggravated assault.

“When we don’t know how to handle our emotions, they get out of control, and so whatever we’re dealing with on the inside, it comes out like that,” Williams said.

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