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(Memphis) Memphis Police officer Willie Bryant was just doing his job when a dog tried to attack him and his partner Byron Willis. 

Bryant`s partner Willis misfired and blasted a bullet into his back leaving him in critical condition at the MED.  Bryan is bed ridden while one of the men accused of indirectly causing the shooting is out of jail. 

Charles Cross posted a $90,000 bond.  Some would say that`s chump change for an accused drug dealer.

“Our constitution says that people have a right to make a bond if they are going to show back up for court and not pose a risk to the community,” said Judge Chris Craft.

Judge Chris Craft says every bond is different.

A judge takes a defendant’s criminal history, their standing in the community, and flight risk into consideration when setting the bail.

In Cross`s case his wrap sheet includes at least seven driving violations, a cock fighting charge and trespassing and burglary. 

Now he faces even more charges of passion of marijuana and cocaine with the intent to sell and illegal gun charges.

Craft says it`s up to the Judge who set the bond to decide if Cross`s past makes him a risk to the community and if $90,000 is enough.

“If the person has never been arrested before they`ll probably be released without having to make a bond.  If they have a long record it might be a really high bond,” said Craft.

A judge must give a fair and reasonable bond in all cases with one exception.     

If a defendant is charged with a capital murder and possibly faces the death penalty they are not required to give them bond.  

Cross’s partner Lazarus Johnson is also charged in connection to the crime. 

He can`t meet his $40,000 bond so he`s still in jail.

Cross and Johnson are scheduled to be back in court in one week.