Malco reopens several Mid-South theaters


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Malco reopened a number of theaters across the Mid-South Friday, including the Bartlett location on Stage Road.

Customers who came in said they were thrilled to be in a theater again.

“It’s great, (the) smell of popcorn,” Jean Hudson said, “It’s a high.”

“It gives us a chance to go out and do something other than going out to eat or just looking around in stores or something,” Laurie Moore said.

Now, there are new health rules in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, customers have to wear masks when they’re not in their seats, and every other row of seats is closed off.

Hudson says she has no problem with the changes.

“Personally, I like them. I’m a registered nurse and I take care of COVID patients,” Hudson said, “So, the more people wear masks the happier I am.”

Malco is also requiring staff to wear masks, constantly wipe down surfaces and clean restrooms every 30 minutes.

The location in Collierville also opened Friday. Other Shelby County locations, including the Malco Paradiso, will reopen next Friday. You can always go to the drive-in theater on Summer Avenue as well.

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