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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A mail mix-up. One Memphis woman says she’s getting mail addressed to someone else and her mail is missing.

“I am honest. I’ll try to return to sender but my items are they returned to me?”

Linda Cullen showed us a box that’s not hers but was tossed into her yard by a postal worker.
She plans to return the package to its real owner WREG looked up the tracking number and saw the package was listed as already delivered to the right address. For Cullen this is nothing new.

“All I have is plastic bag and I bought 3 boxes worth,” said Cullen.

Cullen had specialty popcorn sent to her home but she says the package never made it into her mailbox instead the plastic wrapping turned up a few houses down on the side walk.

According to Cullen, the mail is not being stolen out of her mailbox it’s just being taken elsewhere before getting to her—if it in fact makes it to her.

“My mail you can see right here return,” added Cullen.

Pamela Kimble is the customer relations coordinator for the US postal service in Memphis. she says there could be a few reasons people aren’t getting their mail right away.

“First of all you want to make sure someone hasn’t put in a change of address erroneously,” added Kimble.
She says once that’s ruled out you’ll want to talk with your carrier about being more careful

Cullen says the post office is aware of her problems. She’s mainly upset because she says she’s missing out on time sensitive mail

The Postal Service says the best thing to do is use priority mail and pay for insurance on important letters and packages.