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(Madison County, TN) Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork is free on bond after being indicted and arrested in Chester County, TN.

Sheriff Woolfork was arrested for a felony count of criminal attempt to commit aggravated sexual battery and a misdemeanor count of domestic violence assault.

He was released on a $20,000 bond.

He will be arraigned December 9th in Madison County Circuit Court.

Woolfork plans a press conference Tuesday morning.

Jackson police responded to a disturbance call at 52 Edenwood Drive in Jackson the evening of Oct. 10.

Madison County Deputy Sharon Sangster says she was at home when Woolfork banged on the door and ordered her to let him in.

She says he grabbed her and said he wanted to get back together and have sex.

Sangster says Woolfork had been drinking, and when her married boss went outside to urinate, she called for help.

Since then, she’s filed for an order of protection.

The sheriff’s attorney says they’re not going to find anything because this is just a political attack to disgrace his name.

“Sometimes when police are called to an instance like this where it’s unfounded or they don’t find any evidence there’s been an assault then no arrest is made, and that’s certainly our position of what happened,” Woolfork’s attorney, Mark Donahoe, said.