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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The ride-sharing service Lyft is on the rise in Memphis.

Memphians from all walks of life are joining the “pink mustache” movement.

It starts with a free smartphone app called Lyft.

Once you download Lyft, you set up your profile and put a credit card on file.

Then, when you are ready to ride, hit the “Request Lyft” button.

“Lyft is friendly, affordable rides on demand,” driver Johnathan Mrazek said.

It operates as a personal taxi service. Drivers use their own vehicles and their own gas to pick people up and drive them to their destination.

Mrazek and other Lyft drivers use a bright pink mustache on their car to identify themselves.

Their profile will also show up on your phone, so you know who is picking you up.

Lyft drivers must go through background checks and training before they can start working.

“They put you through a background check,” Mrazek said of the company. “They’ll inspect your vehicle. They’ll set you up with a mentor that will drive you around and test your driving.”

The whole system operates on donations from the card you have on file.

“Lyft is a ride-share program,” Mrazek said. “So we’re sharing a ride, and people donate.”

You could technically ride without paying or tipping, but if you do you probably won’t get a Lyft again.

“There’s a five-star ranking system and you can rank them if they were friendly in the car,” Mrazek said.

Passengers rank drivers, too.

Driver set up their own hours and can choose whether or not to pick someone up if they think it is unsafe.

For those who have the time to do, it can be a moneymaker.

“I’ve seen the make upwards of $30 to $40 an hour,” Mrazek said.

It also tends to be cheaper than a typical taxi ride.

Once you download the Lyft app, you will get a number of free rides, but drivers still ask that you give a tip.

With Lyft, you sit up front with the driver.

And heads up: Lyft requires drivers to greet you with a fist bump, not a handshake.