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With a few strokes on a keyboard, you can learn a lot about almost anyone.

But how about someone’s salary? Or ego? Or even their sex life?

A new app is raising eyebrows because it lets women do just that by rating men anonymously for anyone to see.

“You just find everybody you have ever come in contact with like friends’ ex-boyfriends and you click on it and it’s true stuff, and you’re like ‘Oh my gosh this is so true.’ You know it actually applies to their personality.”

The app, called Lulu, give girls the opportunity to judge a guy before he’s even asked her out.

“It’s not like a rating system, you answer questions and based on those questions. That’s how it gives them a number rating.”

Girls answer open-ended questions like “His jokes make me want…” with answers that range from “To slit my wrists” or “To smooch him.”

The answers are in trendy hashtags.

“There’s hashtag like mommas boy or still in love with his ex or baby blue eyes or something.”

The app only allows women to rate men.

But is someone knocking your sexual performance or giving you a low score for ambition illegal?

“Most of those things sound like they are opinion and not fact, so it wouldn’t give rise to defamation liability.”

“If the government tried to come in and shut it down on the grounds that it might hurt some people’s feelings, there might be a First Amendment problem right there.”