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NEW YORK — “Do you ever lose sleep over work?”

“All the time. …Every night.”

“Every night?”

“Every night.”

The pressures of the job have many workers staying up with worry. A new survey from Accountemps found 15 percent of professionals lose sleep because of work stress “very often” while 29 percent say it happens “somewhat often”.

Men are more likely to be affected than women .

The study suggested the major reasons people stay up is because they’re simply overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do, can’t get a problem out of their head, or they’re worried about strained relationships with coworkers.

“You know just worrying about the future and interpersonal conflicts at work,” said worker Charlotte Walker. “Makes you lose sleep.”

The worry is something workers that could eventually have a negative impact.

“That’s going to impact your health. It’s going to impact your productivity so you need to find some balance there.”

Bill Driscoll from Accountemps said if you can’t find that balance it may be time to make some changes.

“Are you in the right line of work? Are you overwhelmed?  Do you need to talk to your boss about your current level of responsibility?”

Phyllis Platin found the problem went away when she quit working.

“I’m a newly retired person so I now have the freedom of sleeping better.”

Of course there are people that don’t let work get to them all.

According to the study, 13 percent of people never lose sleep thinking about their job.

The survey found younger people are more likely than older people to lose sleep over work.