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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The man who killed a Memphis Police Officer during a shootout faced a federal judge on gun charges on Monday, along with his wife.

Lorenzo Clark had several guns in his home despite the fact he’s a convicted felon, police said.

His wife, Natalie, was also charged with providing him with some of those guns.

In court she announced a new attorney, Blake Ballin, and pleaded not guilty to having those guns.

She tried to cover her face as she left the building with her family, just after she had told the judge all weapons were turned over to the government.

However, prosecutors said she registered two guns they don’t have.

As for her husband, he’s facing various weapon charges, including owning a Glock.

That’s the same gun, police said he used when off-duty Officer Terence Olridge was shot and killed last month.

His attorney claimed it was self-defense and will be back in court on Tuesday in hopes of getting a bond for his client.

“There are issues I’m trying to work out, and they are always there when there’s a dual prosecution. We just have to be careful because what you do in one court can impact the case in the other court,” he said.

Lorenzo Clark’s attorney said he would be entering a not guilty plea on Tuesday as well.