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(Memphis) Who killed Lorenzen Wright?  The question still haunts his mother Deborah Marion.

“Something is gonna give. It can’t constantly go on. I re-live it everyday,” says Marion.

Since the former NBA player`s body was found in an East Memphis field in July of 2010, Deborah Marion has heard very little from Memphis Police about  the search to find his killer, “No nothing, nothing.Every time I call it’s never, no, nothing. The only time it is something is when I call them. When I call them they don’t never have anything to tell me new.”

She decided to seek National Publicity about the case via TV One`s Celebrity Crime Files, a show highlighting celebrity murder cases to a nationwide audience.

“I want my son’s story on TV because there are some empty spaces in the last time somebody saw him alive. Some empty spaces that need to be filled,” says Marion.

Deborah Marion has sent text messages to family and friends, asking them to call the show and leave a message requesting they profile the Lorenzen Wright Murder case.

She says people are already responding, “Everybody wants to know what can they do. I am not the only one. He has family and friends and they want to know too.”

It comes as Lorenzen Wright’s family is in a battle with his ex-wife Sherra  over guardianship of their six children and insurance money spent since Wright’s death.

Probate Court  records show Sherra Wright spent more than $973,000 in 10 months, some on the children, but most going to a new house in Eads, an Escalade, Mercedes,  Lexus and  property in Arkansas.

“I hope they will slow the roll on what’s left. Put it somewhere to draw some interest so the kids will have money when they get ready to go to college,” says Marion.

Sherra Wright’s attorney says they are appealing a Probate Court ruling that appointed a guardian to look out for the children’s interest.

Meanwhile, Deborah Marion urges people to call Celebrity Crime Files Show and tell them you want to see Lorenzen Wright’s case profiled. You can contact the show at

or 301-578-1600.