Lorenzen Wright’s mother speaks out at vigil: ‘I don’t know why my grandchildren are mad at me’

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Nine years after he was killed, and just three days after his ex-wife pleaded guilty to helping facilitate his murder, the family of Lorenzen Wright allowed themselves a small celebration on Sunday.

Sherra Wright was sentenced to 30 years in prison, but because of the conditions of her plea deal, she could be eligible for parole after serving just nine. It’s a face that enrages Lorenzen’s family.

After her alleged crimes, there’s only a few sentences that would have satisfied them.

“Life. Fifty would be good for me. Actually, I would’ve been better with 50. Because I know she would’ve been approaching the age where she could’t kill nobody else,” Lorenzen’s mother Deborah Marion said.

Another topic that will set Lorenzen’s family off are the allegations of abuse from Sherra’s defense team. They are adamant that Lorenzen was not an abuser and markings on his ex-wife’s face can be explained.

“You know, he was around a lot of people. Somebody would have seen a bruise or something. They said that her face is like that because he beat her face like that. Tell Ganguli to go to the doctor. She’s got Bells Palsy. That’s why her face is twisted,” Marion said.

Lorenzen and Sherra have six children together that have sadly been caught in the middle of this tragedy. Marion says they’ve been tricked to side with Sherra in this ordeal.

She says she loves them all unconditionally, but doesn’t understand their negative perception of Lorenzen’s side of the family.

“I don’t know why my grandchildren are mad at me. I didn’t kill him. Be mad at your mama. I didn’t kill my child. I gave him to them, and the mama took him away. I would have never been a part of the murder, period.”

Lorenzen’s family says they don’t want the public to forget one of Memphis’ favorite sons, and they still feel there’s a long road ahead.

“It ain’t over. I just want y’all to remember. Just keep on watching. I got some more stuff to tell you, but just not right now,” Marion said.

It was obviously an emotional time for the entire Wright family.

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