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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Zoo is searching for a wallaby that’s been missing since a nearby creek overflowed into its KangaZoo exhibit Wednesday.

The zoo said in a statement Thursday that workers began evacuating animals when they noticed Lick Creek overflowing inside the zoo during a heavy rain event.

All animals in the KangaZoo exhibit were accounted for and moved into the animal hospital, except for one wallaby, the zoo said.

Since then, staff has continued a search for the marsupial, which is similar to a kangaroo, but it has not been found.

Anyone who sees the missing animal is asked to report it to the Memphis Zoo at (901) 333-6500.

“Wallabies are smaller in stature than kangaroos,” the zoo said. “They are gentle animals, but fairly (skittish). If spotted, please do not approach, and immediately call the number above.”

Video shows a flooded Lick Creek flowing through Midtown on Wednesday (video by Jessica Gertler)