MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An employee at a fast food restaurant outside of Memphis described what it was like to come face-to-face with a man holding a machete Monday night.

Tevin Garrett, 30, is accused of using the weapon to threaten employees at McDonald’s and Zaxby’s on Hacks Cross Road. Video shared with WREG shows several Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies with guns drawn facing off against the man.

Anthony Hynes said he was working at the Zaxby’s when an employee from the McDonald’s next door ran over, looking for help and asking to call her mother.

“I was like, what’s going on? She said, ‘A man with a knife and I heard a gunshot,'” Hynes said. “She was like, ‘I think somebody got stabbed.'”

Court documents say Garrett went to the McDonald’s first, shot through the glass, and started hitting an employee in the head with his fist. Deputies said the employee is going to be OK.

Hynes says shortly after, Garrett soon charged into the Zaxby’s.

“I see this man literally bust through our kitchen like he’s the owner, with a big machete knife,” Hynes said.

“This man actually is actually in here swinging a knife at minors and high schoolers, 16 to 18 years old,” Hynes said. “In their face, talking about, ‘I’ll f*** kill ya’ll.'”

Deputies say by the time they arrived, Garrett had the manager and another person cornered.

The manager, identified as Kendall Hamilton, was reportedly holding the suspect at gunpoint, but deputies said Garrett immediately turned his attention to them.

“I’m just thinking he’s about to stab somebody. He got all these knives on him,” Hynes said.

Law enforcement say they made several attempts to calm Garrett down, but he ignored all attempts and demands. Court documents say Garrett repeatedly told deputies to shoot him while pointing at his head.

Deputies were able to finally able to arrest the suspect, after tazing him twice in order to subdue him and take him into custody.

No other injuries were reported.

“It just shows that mental health is serious out here,” said man at the scene who said his name was Reggie. “I think he probably more needed a hospital than jail.”

Garrett is charged with assault, aggravated assault, and vandalism. Court records show Garrett pleaded guilty in a similar incident in 2021 that took place at The Half Shell Restaurant on Winchester Road. In that incident, Garrett allegedly was involved in a fight outside the restaurant while holding two steak knives.

Hamilton, the Zaxby’s manager who held Garrett at gunpoint, was also arrested in the incident for being in possession of a stolen handgun.