MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A year after rapper Young Dolph was gunned down, the city of Memphis will remember his life with charitable acts of service.

Carlisa Brown, the rapper’s sister, says it has been a difficult year.

“We all have our days. Coming from the most terrible day in our lives, we are all just trying to cope,” she said.

One way Dolph’s family is coping is by honoring him on Thursday, November 17– which is being called the “Dolph Day of Service.

“As you know, they made his day of passing a service day in Memphis, Tennessee, and Georgia. With that being said, we decided to do as he did on his last day. Give,” said Brown.

Dolph’s non-profit, the IdaMae Family Foundation, will be joining forces with The Confess Project of America and the Hospitality Hub on Washington Avenue downtown.        

“Specifically, we will be working with the homeless shelter, providing them with free haircuts, a hot meal, and different hygiene supplies and blankets,” said Brown.

Several barber shops such as Supreme Kutz on Park Avenue will provide free haircuts. The owner, Darius Prude, knew Dolph.

“Dolph was really good in the community and that’s what we need. He really helped set that stage and show people that it wasn’t just about making money, but giving back to the community,” said Prude.

Thursday, a community of fans and the family of Young Dolph will give back as they remember the rap superstar.

“That was the biggest part of my brother. If you knew him, you knew he had a heart of gold and a heart of giving. He never looked for anything in return, so we want to do that in honor of him,” said Brown.