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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A judge on Friday gave two suspects tied to the murder of Memphis rapper Young Dolph until Feb. 4 to find attorneys, or he would would hire one for them.

Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith appeared in court following their arraignment Jan. 18 on murder charges in the death of Adolph Thornton Jr.

When asked Friday if he had an attorney, Johnson responded by saying his family members are meeting with a lawyer Friday, and would make a decision from there.

Smith says he still hasn’t hired an attorney yet, but his family has the search narrowed down.

They both said they believe they’ll have a lawyer by next week.

Judge Lee Coffee offered the defendants a warning:

“If you have a lawyer hired, that’s fine, but as I told you 10 days ago, I cannot allow you to sit in jail week after week, month after month, without a lawyer. If you don’t have a lawyer hired on february 4th, I’m going to hire a private attorney to represent both of you all.”

They would have the option to hire another attorney afterwards, if one is appointed to them.

Their next court appearance is Feb. 4.