MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A white Mercedes used by a man indicted for a murder in Covington could also be connected to the death of rapper Young Dolph.

Treon Ingram, 23, has been indicted in a fatal double shooting near Covington High School in November 2021. He is accused of killing 57-year-old Anita Wilson and injuring Darnisha McLeod.

Police believe he was in a white Mercedes at the time of the brutal shooting.

The same month, about an hour away, Memphis rapper Young Dolph was murdered.

After his death, Memphis police released this picture of this white Mercedes believed to be the getaway car in his shooting.

A car connected to a deadly shooting in Covington may also be connected to the shooting of Young Dolph.

Covington Police released the following statement to WREG about the car back in November:

“We also feel confident that the vehicle used in the shooting of Young Dolph was also used in our shooting. We are working closely with the Memphis Police Department and other agencies.”

Tuesday, the department’s new Police Chief Donna Turner would only say that the vehicle involved in the case was stolen out of Memphis.

In January of this year, we tracked down the owner of the white Mercedes.

She told us at the time her relative had been borrowing the car when she was carjacked at an East Memphis gas station.

Jimmy Chambers, a gang investigator who has also worked with youth for decades, says when a car is stolen, it’s likely to be tied to other crimes.

“That’s actually a norm when young, when youth go out and steal cars. They use those cars to do various crimes. From petty theft to carjacking and then they dump those cars and get another car,” Chambers said.

As for Ingram, we went to his last listed North Memphis address to see if someone could speak to us about him.

A woman who came to the door said she recently moved to the home but officers had been looking for him too. 

“The police came by here at the beginning of March,” she said. “They came walking, they had the back covered, the side covered.”

We told her about his charges and the white Mercedes.

“I just don’t have the words. It’s kinda scary knowing this was his last address. Because anybody could be lookin for him and come here just because of the fact this was his last address,” she said.

Ingram is currently in jail in DeSoto County.

We reached out to MPD to see what they could tell us about the white Mercedes. We’re waiting to hear back.