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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A tribute album for Memphis rapper Young Dolph is set to be released this Friday.

Two months after Young Dolph was gunned down at a cookie shop in Memphis, fans say this new music is keeping his legacy alive.

In a music video already viewed over a million times, Young Dolph’s cousin and protege Key Glock can be see outside the rapper’s growing memorial pouring his heart out in a new single titled “Proud“.

“I got Dolph looking down on me,” a lyric in the song says.

DJ Mic Tee with K97 said you could hear the hurt over Young Dolph’s killing in the lyrics.

“They are mourning. We are all still mourning but a compilation like this makes them stronger,” he said. “I thought it was emotional. I thought it was heartfelt but at the same time we still got that Glock.”

The tribute album titled “Long Live Young Dolph” set to be released this Friday features artists from Dolph’s label Paper Route Empire.

“Long live Dolph means they are representing his legacy. He built Paper Route Empire in his home town and he hand picked these artists that are living up to his standard,” Mic Tee said.

Mic Tee said as soon as the album drops, he’s putting it on the airwaves and knows the rest of the city will embrace it too.

“Dolph meant a lot to a lot of people in this city just because he touched so many people,” he said. “I think you gone hear a lot of long live Young Dolph in the club this weekend.”