MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The alleged mastermind behind the killing of Young Dolph, Hernandez Govan, appeared before a judge Thursday morning. 

Govan is facing conspiracy charges in Dolph’s death. Records show he allegedly hired co-defendants Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith to kill the rapper.

A trial date for Johnson and Smith is set for March 2024. However, Judge Lee Coffee says he’s not anticipating a trial for Govan anytime soon. 

Govan’s attorney, Handel Durham Jr., tells WREG they won’t seek a resolution until after the co-defendant’s trial. “We’re still in negotiations and my client is looking forward to bringing this to an end.”

Durham says they have not made any plans for Govan to testify against Smith or Johnson. “That’s in the hands of Mr. Hagerman, and he would have to seriously have to negotiate with us.”

Govan was released on bond earlier this month.

As a condition of posting bail, he was placed on house arrest, only allowed to leave his home for medical reasons or if he needed to meet his lawyer.

During his last court appearance, Govan requested the terms of his bail be relaxed so he could leave his home freely and even get a job. 

However, Judge Lee Coffee denied the request and scolded Govan for violating the terms of his bail twice by traveling outside Shelby County. 

Judge Lee told Govan the conditions were in place for his own safety. This time, Judge Lee commended Govan for following the rules. 

“The last time you were in court, I told you we had some problems that needed to be corrected, and I told you they would not be tolerated,” he said.

Govan is due back in court on November 2.