MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There’s been a shakeup with the legal team representing Hernandez Govan, the man prosecutors say solicited the murder of rapper Young Dolph.

After Govan was arrested last year, the district attorney said he ordered the hit in the murder of rapper Young Dolph. Months later, the 43-year-old was ordered back to court.

Govan was back in court Thursday but attorney William Massey, who has been representing him over the past five months, is no longer his attorney.

“Indicating that some sort of conflict had arisen.  I don’t know the nature of it,” said Judge Lee Coffee.

Atlanta attorney Manny Arora will now defend Govan, but he was not in court Thursday. Because Arora is not licensed in Tennessee, he will be associated with local lawyer Handel Durham Jr., who was in court.

Prosecutor Paul Hagerman said Govan’s new attorney has already hit the ground running.

“He will have to get up to speed, but he may already be up to speed and he has all of the discovery,” Hagerman said.

Discovery is the evidence the prosecution plans to use against a defendant.

Govan and others charged in this very high-profile case must be kept away from the general population in lockup.

“I do know, we do know from the last court hearing all of these defendants are housed special,” Hagerman said.

Govan has been ordered to return to court with his counsel on May 11. At that time, evidence could be presented in order to determine his bond. In addition to some possible evidence being presented at the May bond hearing, Prosecutor Hagerman said witnesses may also be called.