MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Saturday morning, Memphians were having cookies for breakfast as they flocked to Airways for the grand re-opening of Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies.

“Soon as I heard it on the morning I was like baby we can go get some cookies, and I am here right now. First thing I though about when I woke up was to come and get some butter cookies from Makeda’s,” Montrese Hampton, a Makeda’s fan said.

“The plain is my favorite. The lemon is something new I am ready to try,” Felecia Robinson said, another fan.

Makeda’s Airways location is opening for the first time since rapper Young Dolph was gunned down inside the store back in November. Customers said when the shooting happened they were unsure if the location would ever serve them again.

“Back then, I couldn’t even see that far, the whole city we couldn’t see that far, we just wanted justice. Some see the store reopening as a sign of hope for the community,” Russell Taylor said, wanting to pay respects to Young Dolph.

“Just bringing a lot of people back together, moving past a lot of the violence that is going in on Memphis. We’re showing perseverance that we can overcome a  lot of obstacles that we are being faced with in the city,” Tico Harris said, a fan of Makeda’s.

“Not only do they have an excellent product, but they do good for the community. I’ve come up here for years to buy cookies, so I am excited and happy for what is getting ready to happen here on this corner,” Robinson said.

The owners say re-opening their original location is only the beginning.

“We opened our flagship store back up, been here 23 years, getting ready to franchise, finna increase our distribution, so you better hold on to your hat,” Maurice Hill said, owner of Makeda’s.

People we talked to say they are happy to see many of the notes and well wishes that people left for young Dolph remain, as well as seeing Makeda’s remain here in the neighborhood.

“I think it is still important to remember Dolph showing support, showing love for the community,” Tico Harris said.

“[It’s] bitter sweet, and we have the memorial we are doing to honor young Dolph,” Pamela Hill said, owner of Makeda’s.