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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As police continue to hunt for Young Dolph’s killers, stories continue to emerge about the good he did in the community.

The Memphis rapper was a staple at K97 radio station, where he was a secret Santa and would give away gifts to dozens of underprivileged youth.

“I think his legacy really just kind of speaks for himself,” said radio personality Mic Tee. “That South Memphis kingpen that always gave back to the the community, putting his community first, put this city first. Carried that Memphis flag across the nation.”

WREG was with Dolph last year when he donated $25,000 to Hamilton High School in Memphis, where he attended school.

“I do it for the kids and the youth, and they look up to me, ” Young Dolph said at the time. “It would be a different thing if I didn’t know it, or I didn’t think it, or if I was just so into myself that I’m focusing on me or what I got going on. No, they literally look up to us.”

The 36-year-old would also partner up with Memphis Athletic Ministries.

“He was committed to giving hope and committed to making sure kids had opportunities to advance in life,” said CEO Jonathan Torres. “He wanted kids to be able to have a great experiences, to have great opportunities and have a great future.”

Two days before his death, Dolph visited West Cancer Center and thanked the staff for their service.

In a statement, they said in part, they are shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden loss and cherish his visit. They also offered condolences to his family.