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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Tipton County family has been waiting for weeks for a break in the case after one of their relatives was gunned down in Covington late last year.

They believe it could come soon as law enforcement zeroes in on a suspect for the death of rapper Young Dolph.

It’s been nearly two months since the death of Anita Wilson.

The 57 year-old was leaving a high school football game back in November, when someone shot up the car she was in, killing her and injuring another woman. Her daughter Allison Bailey was at home at the time.

“I heard the gunshots because I’m so close to the area and that was my best friend. I just can’t even put it in words,” Bailey said. “It’s sort feel like a bad nightmare that you can’t wake up from that’s about what it feel like.”

Covington Police said they believe the same car was used in the killing of Young Dolph and Wilson. This week, U.S. Marshals identified Justin Johnson as a suspect in the killing of Dolph, leaving Wilson’s family to wonder if justice could be coming soon.

“We don’t know all the details yet but we do know it’s a good, good chance, once they find this guy we will get closure,” Bailey said.

Several warrants have been issued for Johnson, including first-degree murder. While none of the charges have linked Wilson’s case, her family is hopefully that will change.

“Yes we want them to catch him. Yes, he deserve what he’s gonna get and yes we is happy about that, that is not gonna bring our mother back.”

Covington Police said they’re still waiting on results from forensic evidence before they can link the case. 

If you have any information about Johnson’s whereabouts, you are urged to call U.S. Marshals at (901)-275-4562, (901)-601-1575, or (731)-571-0280.