UPDATE: Govan’s bond has been paid according to the Shelby County Jail system. He was released on Thursday, May 11.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hernandez Govan, the alleged mastermind behind Young Dolph’s death, got his bond set to $90,000 on Thursday.

Although Govan did not appear in court, his bond conditions were still set. “The lawyer talked to me yesterday about Mr. Govan’s presence and we decided his presence was not necessary,” Judge Lee Coffee said.

If the money is posted, Govan will be under house arrest. He will only be allowed out of his home for medical reasons or if he needs to meet with his lawyer.

The reason for the low bond is still unknown; however District Attorney Steve Mulroy did tell WREG Young Dolph’s family agreed to the amount – and the court is not fighting it.

“The family understands why we are doing what we are doing and they approve,” Mulroy said.

Govan is the man the D.A. first said solicited the murder of rapper Young Dolph in 2021. Now the D.A. says more details have come to light.

“We have come into some information about Mr. Govan’s role and medical conditions that makes us think this is the best resolution in order to get justice for the case,” Mulroy said.

In December, Govan’s attorney said he was experiencing blood pressure issues, chest pains, and tingling in the arm. 

Govan’s new attorney, Manny Arora, who has been on the case for about 6 weeks says he has been “combing over a mountain of evidence” while working alongside Tennessee-licensed lawyer Handel Durham Jr.

“You have to have local counsel as part of the rules and Mr. Durham is highly recommended and well respected,” Arora said. “We have been able to go through the discovery and I’m happy where we are.”

Govan could soon be released on bond and the court cited safety and medical concerns as being two of the reasons.

His next court date is set for Thursday, July 13.

Hernandez Govan is facing conspiracy charges. Records show that Govan allegedly hired Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith to kill the rapper.