MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Jordyn McIntosh, a 9-year-old actor with ties to Memphis, has been working with some pretty big names lately, including Kerry Washington and Viola Davis.

Friday, the third grader showed up to career day at Oakshire Elementary School in Whitehaven to deliver an important message to other kids: You’re never too small to dream big.

“This is very exciting for me,” said the petite, perfectly-poised Atlanta-based actress.

Jordyn’s grandparents live in Memphis, which led her to make a stop in the Bluff City to take part in career day at Oakshire, along with fire fighters, police officers, hair stylists, a NASA worker and people in the medical field.

Jordyn has an extensive resume. After taking acting classes in Georgia, up next was the chance to showcase her talent. She’s had nearly 300 auditions and was turned down time after time… before finally getting a part.

“My dad came up to me and told me I got a role. I was just jumping up and down like, what’s it gonna be like?” she remembered.      

It’s an excitement she hopes others will get to experience.

“Yes, it can be overwhelming, and yes, it will be worth it, when you get to see your face on TV, go on the red carpet and have fun,” she said.

Mixed in with the fun, there is the fame. She has worked alongside many of Hollywood’s biggest names.

When she’s not signing autographs or walking the red carpet, Jordyn really is your typical 9-year-old — eating cereal, full of energy, ready to play with her 4 1/2 year-old baby sister.

She’s enjoying her childhood, even if it means pulling double duties as a student-on-set while also working.

Her early career is supported by her village — her parents, grandparents and a host of others.

“Never give up, keep living their dreams and believe in themselves,” was the message she shared with students.