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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman is behind bars after a disturbing incident in Whitehaven which all stemmed from child care concerns.

Breuna Bankston has been charged with two counts of reckless endangerment, aggravated assault, as well as one charge of child abuse and neglect or endangerment.

The incident occured on August 27 when Bankston went to drop off her daughter at her father’s home and an argument ensued over who would care for the child.

According to police, Bankston got upset over who needed to watch the child that day. Records state shortly afterwards, Bankston went back to her car and tried to run him over with her Toyota Corolla.

Police said the father jumped and landed on the hood of her car, causing abrasions to his right hand and arm as well as breaking the car’s windshield on impact.

MPD said Bankston tried to run him over multiple times in front of his parents and also crashed into his parked vehicle, a 2008 Nissan Sentra, during the incident.

The nine-month-old child was still inside the car, unrestrained, at the time of the incident, the father claims. The child’s grandparents were in the yard at the time, but were not injured.

Bankston was arrested and transported to the Domestic Violence Bureau for further investigation and questioning.

She is being held on a $10,000 bond and expected to appear in court on August 29.