MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An employee of a Whitehaven hair braiding business escapes death by mere inches after an irate customer drags the woman with her vehicle.

We want to caution viewers video is graphic – viewer discretion is advised.

It happened Friday the 13th at Touba African Hair Braiding on Winchester. Memphis Police are looking for the driver who stormed out of the business following an argument over hair extensions.

After the argument, the Whitehaven woman was dragged by a vehicle and narrowly escaped death. Miraculously, the incident left this employee of Touba African Hair Braiding on Winchester with only a scraped elbow.

Terry Smith, who works at Henderson Tax Service on Winchester and a block from Touba’s, is left nearly speechless by the video.

“It’s unbelievable. I saw this on the news this morning…but to know that it happened down the street…it make you kind of fearful,” Smith said.

What came close to being a Friday the 13th tragedy started when the worker got into a verbal altercation with this customer over her extensions falling out and the customer refused to pay for services rendered.

Security camera video inside Touba’s shows the irate woman walk behind a counter and grab a bag containing two hundred dollars worth of products.

While she and another woman headed to their black Hyundai, a store employee was already behind the vehicle writing down the tag number while another employee called the police.

Things turned even uglier when the employee reached into the Hyundai to retrieve the stolen property.

The video shows a struggle and as the employee moves back from the car she’s trapped and dragged by the open driver’s side front door.

The employee escaped being crushed by only a few inches, surviving with only a scraped elbow.

“I’m glad that she’s ok cause I think I have seen her a couple of times going down the street and stuff…but I am still shocked that t happened right down the street,” Smith said.

No one at the buisness wanted to be interviewed. The suspect, about 35 years old and at the time wearing a multi-colored shirt, blue jean shorts and flip flops got away.

For Terry Smith, the incident is another reminder of how a normal day can go terribly wrong.

“Stuff happens and people, they just get very upset…very quickly,” Smith said.

If you can help find the woman, who’s facing theft and aggravated assault charges, you’re urged to call CrimeStoppers at (901) 528-CASH.