MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A woman is accused of starting a fire outside of a home in Nutbush after the homeowner says she got into an argument over a bag of ice.

The incident happened on November 4 at a home on Burr Road.

James Cheney said he was watching tv when his friend, who is in a wheelchair, got into an argument with Pamela West because she thought his friend, who was also at the house at the time, owed her money for a bag of ice.

According to an affidavit, both of them argued for several minutes before West allegedly told the victim “have fun getting out of the house, (expletive)” before slamming the front door as she left the house.

Court documents say Cheney saw West reportedly use a cigarette lighter to set a plastic bag full of clothes that was sitting on the front porch on fire before leaving the house.

“She got mad, she come on outside and we thought she left, but she didn’t leave. She set my whole front porch on fire,” Cheney said. “She was standing right out here on the corner here watching it and she took off running that way. She said, ‘I hope you all burn.’ That’s what she said.”

Four adults and three children were inside the home during the incident. All seven people inside the house made it out safely including Cheney’s three young grandchildren, who were asleep at the time. 

Photo by Mike Suriani, WREG

Police say officers drove by an address on Grey Road given to them by the victims, but they could not find West. She was eventually arrested and charged with aggravated arson.

All of this is somewhat perplexing to Cheney who said West has been to his house before and never behaved that way, but he also said she won’t be back.

“I think she’s sorry, no good. She ain’t allowed here on my property no more,” he said.

West is being held on a $30,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Cheney and his family have found another place to live while they hope to repair their home.