MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Frayser woman says she is thankful to be alive after she claims she had a gun pointed at her while buying a bag of chips at a nearby grocery store.

The woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said she and her husband went in Moses’ Grocery on Thomas Street to buy a snack Saturday afternoon. 

According to a police report, when her husband went to pay, he put a quarter on a tray by the cash register, and it bounced toward one of the two clerks working at the time. 

“When it bounced, he immediately went off. And he was like, ‘You (expletive) punk (expletives). Why you throw that quarter like that?'” she said.

The woman claims that’s when things turned violent. The police report says one clerk pulled a gun from behind the counter and yelled at the couple to leave.  

“He said, ‘Just get the (expletive) out my store. I’m sick of y’all (expletives) coming in my store. I’m sick of this (expletive).’ And as we was backing up out the door. That’s when he slaps his head with an open hand,” she said.

She said both clerks followed the couple to their car and, according to the police report, threatened to shoot.

The woman told us each clerk had a gun and claims one of them grabbed a third gun from a car in the parking lot.

“I’m thinking I’m finna die. I’m thinking he finna pull the trigger on me. And I’m trying to explain to him, I didn’t throw the money at him,” she said.

People at neighboring businesses say this is not the first time they’ve heard complaints about Moses’ Grocery and they’ve witnessed employees following customers out the door and pointing guns several times. 

The Memphis Police Department said it has been called to that address 22 times in the last year, but it is not clear if those calls were made by the employees or by customers. 

The woman said she hasn’t been able to eat, sleep, or work since the incident, and believes it should be investigated as a hate crime. 

“They held us at gunpoint against our will and just constantly threatened us, calling us racist names. It’s a hate crime,” she said.

Ultimately, no one was hurt. No charges have been filed and it’s unclear if police will even pursue charges.

We reached out to the owners of Moses’ Grocery, but they refused to talk about what happened.