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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — A more-than-three-hour barricade ended with a man found dead in a Northaven home Monday, and a woman said she was sexually assaulted at that same home.

Shelby County Sheriff’s investigators said deputies never fired their weapons, but a man inside fired his weapon. It all began after the Multi-Agency Gang Unit attempted to serve a warrant. WREG found an arrest warrant for rape for a man at the same address.

It is a home where Antionette Rogers said she went to last week and was sexually assaulted. WREG does not normally identify sexual assault victims, but Rogers said that she wanted to be identified and share her story.

“My testimony has helped over 200 people,” Rogers said.

She also told WREG other women have come forward to share similar stories of sexual assault after Rogers went live on Facebook last week. The live has been viewed tens of thousands of times as she talked about what she went through. Rogers is still working to process everything.

“I don’t feel,” she said. “It’s like I’m numb.”

Rogers said she was contacted by a man on social media saying she won a massage and dinner. She showed up to the Northaven home. Initially, things were fine, but then she said he sexually assaulted her.

Rogers credits her faith for her strength to make it out of the home.

“I’m holding my necklace, I’m praying to my auntie because I take her everywhere I go,” she said. “Her ashes in my necklace, and in my mind, I’m praying. I’m not praying so he hears me, but I’m saying in my mind, ‘Lord please, please let me make it up out of here.'”

When she left, she immediately contacted law enforcement.

“I said this man don’t know who he dealing with, and he don’t know who I am and I said but I promise you just let me make it up out of here and he won’t do this to nobody else,” Rogers told WREG.

After posting her Facebook live, she said dozens of other women who had the same experience with the man contacted her. At least one woman said they reported it too.

“I was raised on if somebody do something to you, you tell,” Rogers said. “If somebody makes you uncomfortable, you let somebody know. If somebody do anything to you that you don’t approve of, you go forward. You make them be held accountable.”

She believes God put her in the situation to help others, and she has one message:

“Somebody violating these women or they doing anything, go forward,” Rogers said. “Snitch on these people. Make these people be held accountable.”

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said they are waiting for the medical examiner’s office to identify the suspect involved in the barricade situation.