MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are launching an investigation after a man was fatally shot in South Memphis. One woman, who has called the area home for nearly a decade, is telling WREG she heard the commotion as it happened a few feet outside her front door.

For years Josephine Drain has called South Memphis home. Once a week you will find her coming from the corner store where she picks up her coffee.

But Thursday she almost didn’t venture out after what happened the night before.

“I heard gunshots, I heard gunshots,” Drain said. “I don’t know where it came from, but there were gunshots.”

Detectives say the shots came from this area along Race Street. Police say one man was gunned down by another man, who quickly jumped into a white Infiniti SUV with others inside before getting away.

“There were a lot of people coming out, cars were going down there all the way down to pick up a body,” Drain said.

The area is now clear. Still, it’s unsettling for Drain to watch kids wanting to just be kids, riding bikes a few feet from where the attack happened.

“There are some lowdown, hateful stuff in the world, but God will bless this world,” Drain said.

Drain says the moment she saw paramedics lifting the victim in order to rush him away was the moment she decided to lift up this community in prayer. She says that’s what it will take in order to turn things around.

With a bowed head, Drain shared her prayer with us.

“I hope everything gets better in this world. We thank God,” Drain said “I don’t be scared, because I have the good Lord in heaven. The good Lord in heaven will take care of all of this world.  He blesses this world.”

Police say they are still working to learn if the victim and gunmen knew one another or if this was a random attack.