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FORREST CITY, Ark. — A woman was killed early Sunday morning when gunfire rang out inside a busy night club.

Investigators said 31-year-old Shaquenna Wilson was shot inside the “50/50 Club” in Forrest City, Arkansas. Her sister, Bianca Anderson, is beside herself with grief.

Shaquenna Wilson (provided photo)

“She didn’t deserve to die like that,” Anderson said. “We gonna miss her.”

Anderson said things turned tense when a woman bumped into Wilson and spilled her drink on her.

“And they didn’t say excuse me or my bad or anything,” Anderson said. “The lady just mugged her up and down and my sister was like can you say something? And then they exchanging words back and forth.”

Anderson said she and her sister tried to leave the club and were only feet from the door when things escalated.

“The lady intentionally walked over to where we was and hit (Wilson) and when she hit her that’s when everything broke loose,” Anderson said. “A fight broke out and the whole club was fighting. There was so much going on. Next thing I know, I hear gunshots.”

Investigators said the woman shot Wilson twice as people ran from the club. Wilson was rushed to an area hospital, but did not survive her wounds.

“We want justice for my sister,” Anderson said.

That’s something friends and family are still waiting for. At last check, police haven’t made an arrest. 

“The way they took her life I’m just lost for words,” Wilson’s mother Angie Anderson said. “She was a loving, caring person. She cared about everybody. She would give you her last if she had it.”

WREG knocked at the club Monday to see if the owner was there, but no one came to the door.