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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mother is dead after a disagreement with a neighbor Monday night at the Hillview Apartments.

Memphis police say a woman was taken to Regional One but later died from a gunshot wound. Police identified her as Ashley Gillard, and they say a witness came forward with information on what happened to her.

Court documents say the shooting stemmed from an argument between Gillard and her neighbor. According to Memphis Police, the neighbor ran inside the apartment, grabbed a gun, and then fired a “warning shot” from their back porch.

Police say the neighbor, who was later identified as Eleesha Tolbert, ran back to the front of her apartment and continued arguing with Gillard who at this point was angry with Tolbert for firing a gun with children nearby.

According to that witness, Gillard allegedly ran toward Tolbert, causing Tolbert to shoot Gillard.

Tolbert is charged with voluntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment, and employment of a firearm during a dangerous felony. Her first court date is Wednesday morning. 

Reports don’t say what sparked the initial argument but Quan Miller says after living in the Hillview Apartments for two years, there could be a multitude of reasons.

“People get into it about petty stuff because they really don’t have nothing going on in their life,” Miller said. “It’s just a lot people got to deal with anyway. So, with them just being in low-income living, people are stressed anyway. So, just any problem could just cause them to click.”

Despite reports of children in the area, no children were reportedly hit.

However, Miller says he plans on getting himself and his son out of the apartment complex as soon as possible.

“I grew up in this type of environment and I see what’s been happening. I can’t have it for the next generation,” he said.