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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A mother is accused of firing shots at six children, injuring a 12-year-old boy at a house in North Memphis.

Latorya Lemons, 35, is being held on a half-million-dollar bond on six charges of aggravated assault, six counts of felony reckless endangerment and two counts of violating bail conditions.

Memphis Police say they responded to a shooting at a house in the 800 block of Faxon Avenue on May 11, and found a 12-year-old shot in the right arm and thigh. Hospital staff told police the injuries were not critical.

The child told police that he, his cousin and several friends were about to go inside the house when someone pulled up in a Cadillac and began firing shots from the passenger window.

Another 12-year-old at the house told police that he opened the door and saw Lemons firing the shots from a car, which then sped off. He identified Lemons as his father’s “baby momma,” according to police.

MPD said there have been ongoing domestic disputes and prior police reports between Lemons and the boy’s father, who lives at the Faxon house.

There were six juveniles at the house at the time of the shooting, police said. One of them was Lemons’ own 5-year-old son.

Police said she is prohibited from contacting two of the victims as a bond condition in two cases, one from last June and another from May 9 of this year.

Court records from the May 9 incident state that she called the man at the Faxon house and made threats to kill everyone there, according to an officer.

WREG stopped by the home where the shooting happened Wednesday. A family member was too scared to go on camera but said she is terrified the suspect will get out and come back to finish the job.