MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Shelby County woman was arrested this week on several charges of identity theft.

Aaron Willhite, 23, is accused of stealing thousands of dollars by forging several checks over the course of a week and a half.

Police say the victim reported that his home equity line of credit had been accessed multiple times in September of 2020.

The victim told police over $10 thousand was stolen from him.

According to police, Willhite took three checks into the bank to be cashed with the victim’s signature. On her fourth visit to the bank, a teller could tell the check was fraudulent and confronted Willhite. Police said Willhite left without receiving the money.

Security footage showed the woman going into the bank to cash the checks on each occasion. Police were also able to gain access to the cashed checks, which had Wilhite’s fingerprints on them.

Willhite was charged with identity theft, forgery, and theft of property.

Her bond is set at $30,000.