MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman was taken into custody for allegedly carjacking a man with a machete and then crashing the vehicle, Memphis Police say.

Tuesday, officers responded to a carjacking at Cotton Trade Warehouse in North Memphis. The victim said he was sitting in his vehicle when a female, later identified as Caitlin Devine, approached him.

Devine allegedly opened his passenger door and held a machete towards his chest, telling him to drive. The victim got out of the car, and Devine climbed over and drove away, police say.

A witness told MPD he saw Devine ram the car through a gate in the parking lot– which caused $5,000 in damages. The vehicle landed in a ditch, and the witness held Devine until police arrived.

According to police, a second victim also saw Devine in his truck. She stole his $25 hoodie and wore it when she was taken into custody.

Caitlin Devine is charged with Carjacking, Burglary of Vehicle, Theft of Property $1,000 or Less and Vandalism $2,500-$10,000. She is set to appear in court Wednesday morning.