MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman is in custody after being accused of assaulting and carjacking a woman who agreed to give her a ride in Southeast Memphis earlier this week.

Dominique Watkins, 38, is charged with carjacking and is held in jail on a $40,000 bond.

According to Memphis Police, this all started on September 27 when officers responded to a carjacking call at the intersection of Flowering Peach Drive and South Mendenhall Road.

The victim stated her friend asked her to give acquaintance Watkins a ride to an address on American Way. After the victim agreed, she reportedly picked Watkins up on Jasmine Drive and Flowering Peach Drive.

Police say that when they made it to the stop sign, Watkins began assaulting the victim and pushed her out of the car.

Watkins then reportedly left the scene in the victim’s car going northbound on Mendenhall Road.

On September 28, officers say that they arrested Watkins and another person in an unrelated incident. She was taken to the Violent Crime Unit for further investigation.

Investigators say during the investigation, it was made known that Watkins matched the description of the female responsible for the carjacking. Watkins then gave a statement admitting to assaulting the victim and taking her vehicle.

Dominique Watkins is set to appear in court on October 2.